With lockdown starting to be relaxed in England, our Spoony leader Karen thought it might be time to remove the spoony people from the first ever Spoonyville in Winnersh.

Karen popped a sign up at Spoonyville letting people know that she would be taking it down on 1st July & if anyone wanted to collect their spoons to take them before then.

Taking the first ever spoon people Wood-ee & Metal-da with her she set off home.

By the time Karen arrived home, Winnersh was in uproar at the thought of losing their much loved Spoonyville & the Council had set about trying to track down the person that had dared to suggest such a thing!

The Council have now declared that Spoonyville must stay there until at least the end of August & when they are eventually removed it has been decided that they will be preserved forever more with the Winnersh & District Historical Society as a reminder of what the children of Winnersh did to cope during the Covid19 lockdown.